Alan Jasanoff, PhD (PI)

Alan is interested in mechanistic studies of neural function using brain-wide measurements and on tool development for molecular neuroimaging.

Ali Barandov, PhD

Ali works on synthesis and application of small-molecule sensors for molecular fMRI, with particular emphasis on calcium imaging.

Gregory Thiabaud, PhD

Greg works on design and synthesis of novel MRI sensors based on a variety of paramagnetic chelator complexes.

He Wei, PhD

He is a nanotechnology expert interested in applying nanoparticle-based imaging agents to measure molecular targets in the brain.

Horea-Ioan Ioanas, PhD

Christian is interested in brain-wide measurements of neurochemical signaling and neuropharmacological effects.

Jacob Simon, PhD

Jacob works on a novel imaging agent architecture for ultrasensitive detection of neural signaling molecules.

Kei Yamaura, PhD

Kei works on engineering paramagnetic probes for sensing a variety of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Kevin Chung

Kevin is interested in applying functional and molecular imaging for high resolution mapping of brain activity during behavior.

Miranda Dawson

Miranda is a bioengineer working on novel strategies for genetic imaging and mapping plasticity related processes in the brain.

Miriam Schwalm, PhD

Miriam focuses on application of novel imaging and recording techniques to study the brain-wide dynamics of neural activity.

Nan Li, PhD

Nan studies brain circuitry using molecular imaging tools and conventional fMRI, with particular emphasis on functions of the reward system.

Robert Ohlendorf, PhD

Robert works on developing probes that harness physiological processes to produce novel readouts in functional and molecular imaging.

Sarah Bricault, PhD

Sarah studies drivers of resting-state brain activity, as well as neural dynamics involved in motivated behavior.

Sayani Das, PhD

Sayani is an expert in chemical probe design who works on contrast agents for ultrasensitive molecular neuroimaging.

Souparno Ghosh, PhD

Souparno is a bioengineer who focuses on genetically-encodable probes for functional imaging in the nervous system.